Top 100 Travel Things to do

Here is my list of Top 100 Things to see and do while traveling around the world




1 Ride a Camel Around the Pyramids in Egypt  
2 Push the Death Road in Bolivia  
3 Visit the Great Wall of China  
4 Explore the Valley of the Kings  
5 Visit the Taj Mahal India  
6 Visit Machu Picchu in Peru  
7 Explore Cuba  
8 Visit Red Square in Moscow  
9 Sand Board in Huacachina Peru  
10 Attend the Dawn Service at Gallipoli  
11 Explore Catherine the Greats Palace Russia  
12 Visit auschwitz  
13 Visit Wall St New York  
14 Attend an EPL Football Game in England  
15 Attend a Cricket Match in Jamaica   
16 Explore the Valley of the Kings Egypt  
17 Explore the Forbidden City Beijing  
18 Go Paragliding in Switzerland  
19 Explore Barcelona  
20 Explore Monaco  
21 Go to the Top of the Eiffel tower  
22 Explore West Minster Abbey London  
23 Visit the Terracotta Warriors China  
24 Visit the Natural History Museum in New York  
25 Visit Stonehenge England  
26 Explore the Louvre Paris  
27 Explore Notre Dame Paris  
28 Explore the Tower of London  
29 Attend a Baseball game in USA  

Go White water rafting in Switzerland

31 Explore the UN Building in New York  
32 Visit the Panama Canal Panama  
33 See a Stage of the Tour De France  
34 Explore the Vatican City Rome  
35 Visit Dracula's Castle in Romania  
36 Visit Troy in Turkey  
37 Explore the Sultan Ahmed Mosque in Istanbul  
38 See snow in Europe during summer  
39 Explore the Palace of Versailles France  
40 Explore Times Square New York  
41 Explore Central Park New York  
42 Attend an Ice Hockey Game in USA  
43 Explore Harajuku in Tokyo  
44 Explore the Kremlin Moscow   
45 Explore the Gold Market Dubai  
46 Explore the Egyptian Museum Cairo   
47 Nile Cruise in Egypt   
48 Tour of the Real Madrid FC Football stadium Madrid  
49 Explore Pompeii in Italy  
50 Explore the Pont Du Gard France  
51 Visit Ypres in Belgium   
52 Push the Leaning tower of Pisa over  
53 Visit the Colosseum in Rome  
54 Eat A Horse Burger in Slovenia   
55 Eat Guinea pig in Peru  
56 Ride in a Vintage Car Cuba  
57 Explore the Pilsner Factory Czech Republic   
58 Attend Oktoberfest in Munich  
59 Visit the IOC Museum in Switzerland  
60 Explore Nimes   
61 Explore the Alhambra castle Spain  
62 Explore the rock of Gibraltar   
63 Attend the filming of a TV show USA  
64 Explore the Barcelona FC stadium  
65 Visit the Hollywood walk of fame  
66 Explore Chicago  
67 Explore Ground Zero New York  
68 Visit the Acropolis Athens  
69 See Michelangelo statue of David in Florence Italy  
70 Push along The Avenue des Champs-Élysées France  
71 Visit 10 Downing St London  
72 Visit Pearl Harbor   
73 Explore Vienna  
74 Take a Tour of the Bacardi Factory Puerto Rico  
75 Explore St Paul's Cathedral, London  
76 Push Around Richmond Park London  
77 Push along the beach at The Santa Monica Pierr LA  
78 Explore Santiago Chile   
79 Explore Croatia   
80 Explore Istanbul   
81 See a performance of the White Swan in Russia  
82 Explore the Sacred Valley Peru  
83 Eat an Alpaca Steak in Peru  
84 Visit the Home of Bob Marley in Jamaica   
85 Eat Street food in China  
86 Visit the Berlin Wall  
87 Explore Salzburg the home of Mozart  
88 Explore Old Town Square Prague  
89 Explore Norway  
90 Visit the Ministry of Sound London  
91 Take a day trip to another Country in Europe   

Musée de l'Armée - Invalides

93 Madame Tussauds New York  
94 Play with South American animals Peru  
95 Visit Monkey Mountain Oita Japan  
96 Explore Seoul    
97 Explore central Manila    
98 Experience an Earth Quake   
99 Attend a major music concert   
100 Explore historical sites of Puerto Rico   
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